Novaref is an Italian company founded in the 1980s in Colognola ai Colli (VR). It produces and markets refractory rollers mainly intended for the ceramic and automotive sectors.

The rollers are installed inside the tunnel kilns allowing the linear advancement of the tiles during the firing phase; over the years, thanks to the experience gained, Novaref has become an industry leader and synonymous of high quality.

Novaref, through its commercial network supported by agents, exports all over the world serving the major international producers; Novaref is also a partner of large plant engineers operating in the ceramic sector.

In Spain we are present with a subsidiary; in the USA we have a distribution warehouse.

The production plant in Colognola ai Colli covers an area of ​​25,500 m2 of which 13,700 are covered, is equipped with 3 automated extrusion lines, 5 kilns, one of which with a robotic loading and unloading system for rollers of significant dimensions and weights and a new advanced workstation.


Novaref because of its depth of experience and commitment to quality has been able to achieve the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality ceramics standard through the Ceramics Industry Certification Scheme.

Technology & Innovation

Novaref is the only producer of ceramic refractory rollers with a length of over 6 metres.

Customer Care

The service provided is distinguished by professionalism and research of a product that is “tailored to the customer needs”.

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