Novaref, a company specialising in the production of refractory rollers for the ceramic industry, is developing a sustainability project aimed at enhancing various ESG parameters. This involves measures to protect the planet and people, while ensuring transparent management of economic and financial aspects.

The company is renowned worldwide for its high quality rollers. Its success is driven by extensive experience and technical expertise, a qualified sales network attuned to customer needs, and an outstanding ability to anticipate market trends, positioning it as a leader in the sector.

Novaref’s commitment to social issues is also of major importance. Its efforts to create a safe working environment, foster a corporate culture of dialogue and listening and encourage a sense of belonging among employees have been the keys to its success for nearly 40 years.

From an environmental perspective, Novaref aims to minimise its ecological footprint by focusing on innovation and enhancing the energy efficiency of its facilities. Over the past five years, the company has made significant investments towards this goal, including the installation of a new Industry 4.0 kiln, a fully automated extrusion system and a new finishing centre designed to cut production waste. The latest project to revamp a kiln has significantly reduced gas consumption. At the same time, Novaref is committed to water conservation, employing a closed-circuit system for roller cutting and finishing operations. Efforts to optimise and reduce plastic in eco-friendly packaging have also brought significant improvements, ensuring roller protection and quality during transportation without generating excessive waste.

The company has also conducted in-depth research focused on product line innovation in terms of quality, durability and eco-design. The development of the NOVA HD roller has improved production efficiency, reduced maintenance and decreased energy consumption (benefits reported by all users), while achieving higher tile quality and less production waste.

Novaref pursues the Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda and is implementing concrete actions to help forge a better future.